Making a mobile app secure is easier than you think

by Shannon Simons

The best way to secure a mobile app is to ask the developers to write securely. If developers leave loopholes in the code or they don’t test the code in the right way, the app is likely to harbor vulnerabilities that hackers can use to their benefit. It is like allowing hackers to enter your systems and steal the information they want to. If you want to avoid this kind of scenario, you should ask the developers to write an encrypted code that has already been put to test to check certain weaknesses. The most important thing is that getting approval from the mobile play store doesn’t mean that your application is secure or that it has perfect code. The mobile stores are full of unsecured apps. The best way to secure your apps is to get a Fast Identity Online standard biometric authentication system integrated into your app so that each user first has to verify his or her identity either by face or by voice or by fingerprints to ensure maximum security.

Data Encryption

Once you have got the authentication system, the next step is to encrypt all the data that is stored in the database of the app. Only code encryption will not sufficient. Encrypt all data that is generally exchanged over the app as users grow. Encryption ensures that the data remains secure even if hackers steal it from the database. As it is encrypted, hackers cannot decode it. Unless they have the encryption key, they cannot decode it. Encryption is essential if you are building an app for an enterprise or a financial institution.

Network connections ought to be secure

All the servers that possess mobile phone accesses must develop certain security measures to protect the data and to prevent any kind of unauthorized access from a malicious hacker. APIs need to be verified to deter and prevent spying on sensitive data that tends to pass from the client to the server of the mobile app and database. On top of that, you can add an extra layer of security by encrypting the virtual private networks (VPNs) or connections. You can adopt containerization measures that would create encrypted containers for storing and documenting the data securely and efficiently. Protect your data in the right so that leakage through a network connection may occur in any case.

Lower the storage of sensitive data

Sensitive data needs to be kept to the minimum to avoid any kind of risks. You should not store any kind of confidential user data inside of a device in the servers. They are only going to raise the risk levels. However, if the data storage is still possible, you should use encrypted containers of data as I have already mentioned. Make sure that your logs are automatically deleted after a short time because they are one of the easiest ways for hackers to access your system.

To sum up, you must beef up your app’s security if you are looking forward to attracting more users and do more business.

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