Here’s What EA Sports Thinks about Buying Fifa Coins

by Shannon Simons

Fifa coins are the rage these days. With the FIFA ultimate team becoming more popular, people are looking for ways to improve their performances. Many people have taken advantage of this opportunity. There are so many claims on how to get fifacoins today.

If you are wondering how to buy fifa coins, rest assured that there are legit ways of getting it. However, it’s important to consider what the owners of the game think about the entire concept. EA sports have received guidelines on what is expected from fifa coins.

In this article, we’ll be looking at these guidelines and what it means if you play the game.

EA Sports and Fifa Coins

EA sports have very strict policies on fifa coins. Here are some of these restrictions

Buying Is Restricted

EA sports have effectively banned the buying of fifa coins from all third parties. The only way you can buy fifa coins is through the official website or through retails that are trusted by EA sports.

This policy is enforced as continuous infractions can lead to you being suspended or banned from the game. They also have strict rules when it comes to coin distribution from several accounts. Staying in the good books of EA sports is the best way to move forward.

EA’s Methods of Earning Fifa Coins

While buying fifa coins might be restricted, there are several ways that we can earn fifa coins. Let’s consider some of them.

Playing More Matches

Here’s a very easy to get more fifa coins. You simply have to play more matches with your ultimate team. You might also need to win some of them. The more matches you play, the more fifa coins you stand to win. It’s that simple.

Squad Building Challenges

These are challenges that you get to play daily and meet. These challenges have rewards at the end. Some of the rewards will include fifa coins.

So with a little effort, you can win fifa coins for yourself free of charge.

Using the Transfer Market Fairly

Another way to earn fifa coins is by using the transfer market. Selling and buying fifa coins is allowed as long as it is done fairly. Any unfair trade or coin distribution is frowned on by EA sports.


So here’s what you should know. You should make sure that you get your fifa coins are gotten through the right means. Also remember that you do not have to be pressured into paying fifa coins from the many retailers around. There are legitimate ways of gaining fifa coins without having to spend your cash.

If you are also pressed for coins, it’s always advisable that you visit some of the official sellers of fifa coins. By doing so, you are sure to keep EA sports happy. Also, you will be protecting yourself from the various illegal scams that are associated with fifa coins. There’s nothing better than making the right decision.

The questions remains though- will you make the right one?

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