A Comprehensive Guide To Buying An HP Battery

by Shannon Simons

Any laptop owner knows the importance of a functional laptop battery. The portability of a laptop is dependent on its battery. For example, a good hp-battery allows you to spend time without having to connect your HP computer to the electric outlet. The battery also allows you to use your device when you are not anywhere near a power supply. This article is a guide to purchasing an HP battery. These are the factors you should consider when buying your laptop battery.

1. Warranty and price range

A new laptop battery usually has a warranty. If the battery does not come with a warranty, then you should probably not buy it. Because cheap is expensive, you should avoid purchasing low-cost products. Cheap batteries are probably made from inferior materials that do not last as long as better quality ones. The price of a laptop battery usually ranges depending on the supplier and battery specs. Additionally, some batteries might be expensive but of substandard quality, so you should check the reviews a product has before choosing.

2. Voltage

If your laptop has a voltage of 14.8 volts, you should stick to the voltage when buying a new battery. Check the product description of the battery to know the voltage. You should also check to see if the design is compatible with your laptop. Structures may be incompatible with the charging port of your computer. If you do not know the voltage of your device’s battery, check the bottom for specifications.

While checking the voltage, you should also check the capacity of the battery. Battery capacity is the amount of energy that it can give off when in use. It is measured in milliamperes (mAh). The higher the degree, the longer your battery will last. The highest mAh a laptop battery currently has is 6000mAh.

3. Materials

If you are to carry your laptop around, you should be keen to see what material the battery is made from. Various materials are used in making laptop batteries. Some of which include,

  • Nickel Cadmium
  • Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Lithium-Ion
  • Lithium-Ion Polymers

Nickel batteries tend to be heavy and do not last long. You will rarely find any Nickel battery in the market. LiON batteries are more common, and as long as the battery is compatible with yours, it makes a good battery. They charge faster and retain the charge for more extended periods. Lithium batteries are also friendlier to the environment.

4. Battery brand

When shopping for a laptop battery, you will see branded and unbranded products. So what is the difference? The truth is, because most manufacturers get their batteries produced by the same companies, it might not make much of a difference. Some brands, though, such as HP, do have superior quality products, which is why you should purchase a branded HP battery. The reputation of the dealer you buy your charger from should also be checked.

5. Never go for second hand

When buying a laptop battery, always try and get the new ones. A pre-owned laptop battery is sure to give you trouble and will last a few months tops landing you in the same place you started. If you can’t afford to buy a new one, go for the one with the most life cycles left. You can check this by running a diagnostic on the battery before purchase.


 Purchasing an HP battery is now easier than ever. Online stores make the process much more seamless. You get virtual assistance to pick out the best battery for your laptop. This guide is sure to help you pick out the most suitable HP laptop battery.

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